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Up Globe/Miami Gila County Facilities Statistics Fees       


The Globe/Miami area is an excellent place to grow a  business.  Its mild climate and friendly atmosphere make it "a pleasure to do business" in Globe/Miami.

Globe/Miami has several retail and commercial properties available.  The following are some of the business fees and regulations for this area.


Section 8-3-7 Exemption

A.   Any person wishing to sell any form of agricultural products produced by himself shall be exempt from any license tax imposed hereunder for the privilege of selling such products only. Before receiving the exemption, an affidavit of the facts entitling the seller to an exemption must be filed with the Tax Administrator.

B.     All other persons claiming an exemption pursuant to State or Federal law, shall bear the burden of establishing said exemption. All fees must be prepaid and a petition for rebate filed with the Tax Administrator on or before the 15th day of the month following the delinquent date. The City Manager shall rule on the petition within sixty (60) days of its filing. Any party aggrieved may appeal, as provided in Section 8-3-10(B) of this Article.

Section 8-3-8 Fees

All businesses, occupations, professions, trades or callings listed hereunder shall pay a license fee as set forth in the following schedule. Each fee is an annual fee unless otherwise specified.

A.     Retail or wholesale sales business not otherwise listed below including, but not limited to, antique sales, hardware stores, grocery stores, auto sales, auto parts sales, restaurants, gasoline service stations, furniture and department store sales, clothing, drug, sporting goods, variety or notion store.

Service industry or business including, but not limited to, plumbing service, pest control, travel agent, real estate, financial institutions, title companies, barbers, beauty shop, cleaning or repair service, and locksmith.

Gross Sales /Year


Less than $50,000 25.00
$50,000 - $99,999.99 50.00
$100,000 or more 100.00


 Liquor Sales

Bars and Establishments (drinks sold in individual portions)


Liquor Store licensed for On-sale Retailer's License to sell all spirituous liquors by individual portions and in the original containers


Liquor Store licenses for On-sale Retailer's License to sell wine and beer by individual portions and in the

original containers or Off-sale Retailer's License to sell all spirituous liquors


Businesses included in Subsection "A" where primary business is other than liquor sales shall be licensed pursuant to Subsection "A" and shall not be required to obtain a license for liquor sales.

Private Practice of Professions

Accountants/Bookkeepers/Tax Preparers 100.00
Chiropractors & Chiropodists 100.00
Dentists 100.00
Doctors 100.00
Optometrists 100.00
Morticians 100.00
Veterinarians 100.00
Pawn Brokers 150.00
Gun Sales or Trade 150.00

Transient Peddlers / Door-to-Door Sales

Daily 25.00
Weekly 50.00
Monthly 75.00

The Greater Globe/Miami Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to fostering a  healthy business environment in southern Gila County.  If we can help you in any way, please contact us.

Contact Information

Physical address
1360 N Broad Street
Mailing address
        P O Box 2539
Globe AZ 85502
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